new site!

HOLY CRAP!  I’m switching over to www.noonebelievesinmonsters.com!  My own true website!  I think I’m serious about this that it’s worth it.  So that’s where the comic will be from now on.  I’ve moved the archives over there already, although I am seriously lacking in commentary at my new place, so fill ‘er up!


Love, Danny


#011 – Elsewhere in the Lab

monsters 011

Wheeee new comic.  Trying out some new stuff, which I think worked really well.  Now drawing on 9″x12″ bristol board with a blue pencil, then inking over.  I think it looks a lot cleaner, and lets me edit a lot better without having to go and erase all the leftover pencil in Photoshop.

Anyway, it’s been a little while since we checked in on these guys.  Looks like things for the mad scientists are not quite as neat as it seemed…


#010 – Getting Cuddly

monsters 010 done

The best of friends!

So, I watched a few video blogs that Edward Wright has put up from the making of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and I’m very excited now.  I need to reread those.  They’re a ton of fun, and Bryan Lee O’Malley’s art style is really great, not to mention how awesome it is watching hapless Scott taking on Ramona’s Seven Evil Exes.  Definitely check it out.


#009 – Job Fatigue

monsters 009

Done!  Sorry for the lateness, yesterday was busy!  But since that included finally getting my hands on a copy of Wilco: The Album, I think I’ll forgive myself.

Wilco will love you, baby.


#008 – Hard Times for Bigfoot

monsters 008

Enjoy!  Happy Halloween!


Thoughts and Jumbled Things

So, starting to get into the meat of this comic.  I’m so pleased.  I even feel like my drawing is starting to pick up already, considering this is the most frequently I’ve done something other than doodling in the margins of notebooks during class.  I did feel like saying, though, that this is something that I am having a great time with, and it all comes down to deciding one day to make a comic.  Because, here in the internet age, what’s stopping you?

I was reading an excellent comic the other day, World of Hurt (check it out.  it’s a blaxploitation comic!  it’s amazing!), and all of a sudden I noticed that in one of his comments, Jay Potts attributes his inspiration for starting his own comic to the equally awesome Karl Kerschl.  Forgive me for not knowing exactly how he put it, but somewhere out there in the internet Karl Kerschl basically says the same thing:  just do it, because there’s no reason not to and you will never be as ready as you want to be.  It’s really nice knowing that someone who’s work I really enjoy and have drawn some inspiration from put my feelings in so many words.

So, in conclusion, thanks to everyone who’s been checking out Monsters, and go out and look at some of this other stuff too!  There’s so much great work going on in comics, especially webcomics these days.  It’s a pleasure to be working in this medium.


#007 – Glee!

monsters 007

He can see him!  WOOHOO!

Oh, and before anyone asks, I hate that show.